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Blush! is a bespoke marketing service, for those who hate marketing.

  • We put ideas above products, idea-led products & people over profits
  • we re-define the word profit to mean getting great creative work out your head and
  • into a world that’s only just getting ready to receive you.

We help you realise your work, as well as do the necessary shaking up of the world order required to get you the right audience, readers, listeners, participants, customers and support.

We’re shameless in the promotion of innovative talent over the same old/same old, tired production lines, and feel no need to blush blowing your shiny new trumpet for you. This is no time for false modesty, this is your time - have something to show for it, and use the best possible means to show it.

Our services include:

  • cutting edge digital expertise
  • web design
  • project management
  • artistic and creative advice
  • and peer support from industry and academic professionals.

Our key sectors include:

  • digital art
  • innovative poetries
  • and hybrid disciplines including:
  • crossovers between performance
  • visual arts
  • installations
  • new music
  • animation
  • book arts
  • and small publishing.

You won’t find people who know more, care more, do more, or bullshit less.

So tell us about your ideas and we’ll tell you how we can help:

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